Welcome to Summer Success Programs!

Summer Success Programs (SSP) at UC San Diego serves a diverse and global community of entering undergraduates in holistic five to ten week academic programs. It introduces students to the structure and rigor of the research university, provides them with opportunities to foster meaningful academic and social connections, and emboldens them to take ownership of their academic journey. Students may enroll in credit-bearing courses, and may be assigned an academic support such as a tutor and coach, and residential programs offer a resident assistant to ensure successful transition to UC San Diego. Students also have the option of taking non-credit enrichment internship programs. 

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the academic rigor and demands of UC San Diego;
  • Attend to their intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being;
  • Leverage the University's resources and connections to enhance their academic journey;
  • Master the mindset and learning strategies required for lifelong success;

Newly accepted students will receive a competitive advantage over their peers, leaving the program with:

  • Early Completion of UC San Diego Coursework: Students will complete up to ten (10) units of coursework toward their graduation requirements and UC GPA, prior to the Fall quarter. (Not applicable for enrichment programs) 
  • Academic and Social Support System: Students will have access to a powerful network of faculty, advisors, tutors, and peer scholars that can last throughout their academic (and often professional) tenure.
  • Early Campus Orientation and Resources: Students will be able to access and navigate TritonLink, the library system and research databases, residential life, student life, and more!

There are four components a Summer Success Program may include, all working in tandem to ensure students’ successful transition at UC San Diego and advancement toward graduation:


Students will enroll in academic courses, for a total of 6-10 units. All courses count toward graduation requirements and UC GPA. Courses are taught by professors, academic specialists, as well as Graduate Student Instructors. 

Advising and Counseling

Students will have access to a network of professional advisors and counselors to assist them with a wide range of topics, including academic and social adjustment, course planning, as well research and internship opportunities.

Residential Life

Students will form a living and learning community in the University residential halls, allowing them to foster life-long friendships and connections. Professional and student staff live on-site to facilitate programming to further bolster their sense of belonging at UC San Diego.

For more Information on Summer Housing for Summer Success Programs;

Please visit Housing Dining Hospitality, Summer Housing Program 2017.

Academic Resources

Students will be plugged into a comprehensive network of peer academic support via The Commons.  Moreover, they will have access to peer advising via campus partners such as Residential Life, advisor(s) from each of UC San Diego’s six colleges, La Raza Resource Centro, Black Resource Center, LGBT Resource Center, etc.

The Teaching and Learning Commons have launched Fall of 2016. The Commons are dedicated to the theory, practice, and scholarship of teaching and learning. Its mission is to advance learning and creating a campus-wide culture of engaged teaching and learning. It will provide teaching, learning and training for faculty and students in the following areas: Teacher’s Assistants, Tutors, Mentors, and facilitators.

Its goal is to provide an integrated and coordinated network for existing, expanded and new programs, units and centers that enable and promote scholarly, evidence-based teaching practices and excellence in learning.

Office for Students with Disabilities
If you are a student with a disability who may need accommodations to participate in our programs, you are encouraged to contact the Office for Students with Disabilities directly at 858.534.4382.   

SSP Student Health & Early Start UC SHIP

Student Health Services

Summer Access Program & Early Start UC SHIP 

Students participating in the 2017 Summer Success Programs at UCSD are eligible to access UCSD Student Health Services (SHS) and UCSD Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  Through a special arrangement, some services at SHS and CAPS are provided at no cost. 

When does the 2017 Summer Access Program begin?

(Program Dates)

 What is the cost?

A one-time fee of $30 will be posted to your student account. Please do not pay this, as your program will cover it for Summer 2017.  Any additional fees incurred as a result of a visit to SHS will be your responsibility to pay.  See below.

What is included with the 2017 Summer Access Program?


  • Scheduled appointments at SHS for care of illness or injury – NO COST
  • "In-house" laboratory tests at SHS for care of illness or injury (i.e. tests not sent to an outside laboratory) – refer to SHS website for list of included lab tests – NO COST
  • X-ray services at SHS for care of illness or injury – ONLY $15 EACH X-RAY
  • Access to SHS Urgent Care – ONLY $20 PER VISIT


  • Brief psychotherapy and psychiatry services at CAPS – NO COST
  • Urgent Care – NO COST

What is NOT included with 2017 Summer Access Program?

Although the following services are not included in this program, students may still receive these services at SHS however, the student is responsible for all charges.

  • Laboratory tests drawn at SHS but sent to an outside lab provider
  • Special or elective procedures and tests
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • Immunizations, supplies and optometry services
  • Routine health clearances and administrative exams
  • Services obtained outside of SHS or CAPS
  • Services not listed under "What is included"


  • SHS/CAPS Summer Access IS NOT
  • If you require additional services that are not available at SHS/CAPS, a referral to a community provider may be provided.
  • UCSD Summer Access does not include other UC SHS/CAPS.
  • You may obtain an itemized statement of SHS charges to file a claim with your own private insurance.

For more information please visit: https://wellness.ucsd.edu/studenthealth/services/Pages/Summer-Access-Programs.aspx 


Since your program begins prior to the start of the official campus fall quarter (September 25, 2017), Early Start UCSHIP coverage is being offered to you.  Students electing to waive UCSHIP for fall quarter are not eligible for this Early Start coverage.  If you enroll in the UCSHIP Early Start coverage and later waive the UCSHIP during the FALL 2017 waiver period, your waiver will be denied for fall quarter.

Complete a MANDATORY Health Insurance Agreement form.

This form will be used for enrolling in or waiving the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP)

 (For new incoming freshmen and transfer programs only)  Please download insurance waiver:

Early Start UCSHIP Insurance Waiver  

Health Insurance Agreement Form Priority Deadline:

  • Summer Session 1: June 23
  • Summer Session 2: July 21
  • Special Session: June 23
  • (Summer Bridge Program Deadline: July 25)


For more information about access to Student Health Services: