Summer Session Calendar

Session I, II, and Special Session 2016 deadline dates are listed in the table below. Special Session courses have different fee deadline dates, refund deadlines and drop deadlines from Session I or II courses. If you have any questions about these dates, please contact the Summer Session and we will be happy to assist you. We can be reached at:

Summer Session 2016 Key Dates (tentative) Session I
June 27 - July 30
Session II
Aug 1 - Sept 3
Special Session
Dates vary
TritonLink updated with Summer Session courses March 17 March 17 March 17
Appointment times assigned to UCSD students April 4 April 4 April 4
Current UCSD students begin to enroll in courses April 11 April 11 April 11
Summer Housing application opens April 11 April 11 April 11
Incoming UCSD freshmen and transfer students begin to enroll in courses April 18 April 18 April 18
Visiting students begin to enroll in courses April 18 April 18 April 18
Summer Financial Aid application opens May 3 May 3 May 3
Fees posted to student accounts May 18 June 24 May 18
Financial Aid funds are scheduled to credit and post to student accounts on the following dates June 18 July 23 Two days before the start of the course.
All fees due June 20 July 25 June 20
Late Fees apply beginning June 21 July 26 June 21
Students cancelled from courses for non-payment June 24 July 29 June 23
Session begins June 27 August 1 Varies by Class
Automatic wait-lists officially end June 29 August 3 June 19
Deadline to late add a course July 1 August 5 Varies by Class
Course fee refund deadline (without "W", check Schedule of Classes for exceptions) July 1 August 5 Varies by Class
No refunds available for Summer Session fees starting on these dates. This includes both financial aid students and non-financial aid students. July 2 August 6 Varies by Class
Holiday - no classes July 4 September 5 July 4, September 5
Change grade option deadline July 8 August 12 Varies by Class
Drop course without "W" deadline (no refund) July 8 August 12 Varies by Class
Effective date for students receiving financial aid to withdraw and retain 100% federal aid. Please see the Financial Aid Office for specific information. July 17 August 21 Varies by Class - Contact the Financial Aid Office
Drop course with "W" deadline (no refund) July 26 August 30 Varies by Class
Student may no longer drop courses. July 27 August 31 Varies by Class
Final exams July 29 & 30 September 2 & 3 Varies by Class - Refer to the Schedule of Classes
Session ends July 30 September 3 Varies by Class
Last day to file an Incomplete August 1 September 6

Varies by Class

Grades available on TritonLink One week after the end of class
Billing statements are posted in student TritonLink accounts on the following dates: June 2, July 2, and August 2